Charles Sprayberry and his dog, Nick

My name is Charles Sprayberry, I'm a Sr. Software Engineer at PetPocketbook where I write software to simplify managing pet care. I write and contribute to OSS; primarily asynchronous PHP libraries and applications. I'm married to a beautiful woman named Dyana and care for 2 dogs, Nick and Kate. When I'm not writing software I like to play video games, hike through the woods, and run RC cars.

Where you can find me online

Notable Projects

Labrador Kennel

A suite of libraries and microframeworks written on top of Amp and intended to be opinionated, well-tested, and encourages clean separation of concerns through its design. If you're at all interested in the concept of asynchronous PHP I encourage you to check out Amp and Labrador Kennel.


A library that is part of Labrador Kennel it is a CORS Middleware for Amp http-server. It has no dependencies on any other Labrador project and is a well-tested, easy-to-use, highly-configurable way to handle cross origin requests in Amp. The project has been listed on the http-server project's README and its goal is to be the de facto CORS Middleware for Amp projects.


Yet Another PHP Enum (yape) is a project aimed at providing a type-safe, object-backed enum implementation in userland PHP by providing an interface and a trait that makes implementing that interface straightforward. There's also a CLI tool to generate the enum code for you as well as a DBAL extension for storing enums as a Doctrine Type.


A microframework written on top of Amp's websocket-server and aims to provide a way to create commands that respond to structured JSON data sent from a websocket client.

My Family

Dyana Sprayberry, my wife
A student at Northern Vermont University where she's studying for a Bachelor's in Psychology. In her spare time she likes to read, write poetry, and go on hikes in the woods.
Nick was a personal adoption that turned out to be the greatest dog ever. He's a happy-go-lucky, dog's dog that enjoys running after rabbits, chewing on things, rolling in the mud, and belly rubs.
Kate was a rescue from the Burlington Humane Society. She's the sweetest little bundle of muscle you'll find. She loves to nap, get loved on, and to eat food.